RajabRajab has intimately experienced the war up close. Not only was his school and father’s shop hit by airstrikes, but his brother Amjad was knocked unconscious during a plane bombing. As a result, his family fled to Turkey to find refuge, which made him feel like he didn’t belong. Rajab supports his family by working as a porter for a clothing shop. His main responsibilities include unloading shipments that requires him to push extremely heavy carts that are bigger than him. Rajab’s favorite memories are when he was back in school in Aleppo. “I need to [be] studying in Syrian Arabic… they [the Turkish schools] are not like my school,” Rajab explained. Thinking back on school in his hometown of Masaken Hanano, he told us “I was happy in school, I had friends.” He is unsure anything will return to the way it was, but he hopes to continue his education in a familiar format as before.