Press & Praise


“humanizing, compassionate portrait of six young Syrian refugees living in Turkey”

Samantha Power – Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

“I fully support this project”

Khaled Abol Naga – Award-winning actor, film producer, and director from Egypt.

“Oula Alrifai, A.M. ’19 releases documentary about Syrian child refugees trying to survive in Turkey”

Harvard University

“I met Mouhanad the day he left Syria a decade ago as a child asylee. Here’s his film about Syrian children”

Benjamin Wittes – American Journalist and Editor in Chief, Lawfare.

“Do not miss”

Tamara Cofman Wittes – Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

“heartbreaking and unmissable”

Sophie McNeill – Reporter with ABC’s Four Corners and former ABC News Middle East correspondent.

“interesting documentary about child labor among Syrian refugees”

Anne Barnard – American Journalist and Beirut Bureau Chief, New York Times.

“Powerful. Very powerful and poignant.”

Ammar Abdulhamid – Syrian Author, co-host of Sam & Ammar show at Alhurra News.


Al Arabiya (Arabic)


Executive Producer Oula Alrifai was featured live on Panorama, Al Arabiya’s main prime-time show, on January 1st, 2018. She discussed her latest publication in which she outlines steps to achieve lasting peace in Syria. Segments of Tomorrow’s Children were featured as part of this interview and received millions of views. Watch the full Arabic interview.

Enab Baladi (Arabic)

Tomorrow’s Children, a film about the employment of refugee children, made by  Syrians.

The Syrian American Network for Aid and Development (SANAD) launched a documentary film highlighting the problem of child labor among Syrian refugee children in Turkey. The film, titled “Tomorrow’s Children,” directed by Mouhanad Al Rifay, produced by his sister Oula Alrifai, tells the story of six children who fled the armed conflict in their city of Aleppo in 2012 only to face difficult living conditions in Turkey. Read More.

SouriaLi Radio (Arabic)

Our Working Children

Child labor is one of the most difficult challenges facing the future of Syrian children. We discussed this phenomenon in our episode: size, causes and consequences. Our guests are Oula Alrifai and Mouhanad Al Rifay, founders of SANAD, and the filmmakers behind Tomorrow’s Children, a documentary that discuss the issue of Syrian child labor. Listen to the full Arabic interview.

Harvard Gazette

The Not Lost Generation

Syrian asylees release documentary to highlight struggles of child refugees. The film is comprised of six vignettes, each devoted to one child they interviewed. The documentary is currently in postproduction, and expected to be released in early 2018. Read More.

Huffington Post

This Syrian Refugee From Aleppo Will Do Whatever It Takes to Get an Education

What if you had to make a decision between continuing to work as a child laborer to make ends meet for your family or planning to risk the choppy waters and dangerous journey of taking a refugee boat from Turkey to Greece? This is the dilemma of Shrivan, a 16-year-old boy who fled Aleppo, Syria three years ago to southern Turkey. Read More.